Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We leave Off-we-go...aka Os-we-no-go

Today is the day....09:00 AM: we say good bye to Os-we-no-go..

The Captain looks very serious, has he forgotten how to sail?

Happy to see us leave?

All here are happy to leave
(Lock #8)

As me (Shawn) working and John doing squat..
(sign the paper to enter the lock n pay the fee)

Yellow is my favorite colour..

I was taking John out for a pee and he fell in the water....I was kidding

We look special, don't we?

This area is gorgeous..


Treacherous..don't turn to starboard side

Red Right Returning

Colours are beautiful

Watch out..big boat coming..

Poor old thing

The chart not telling everything..miss the rock..


Waiting to open..

The crew is resting..while waiting for the lock to open

Where to go tonight?

What a tiring day..both crews and boat..

06:00 PM, finally we stop for the day..with background Boatel I

Our place for tonight..Winter Harbour, Brewerton


  1. Now that I know, I will have to go shopping and get Shawn lots of yellow clothing - I am imagining Shawn in a pale yellow polo shirt and canary yellow pants ....

  2. Great job on the Blog John thanks we're really enjoying the updates. You are entering Saranac Beer country!
    p.s. it's brewed by Utica Club brewery and you have a Beer connosseur on board

  3. Hello Tante Nora and Om John,

    How are you guys? I just came back from TO. Tante Cathy told me you were heading to NYC. I am looking forward to see you guys here. When will you be here?