Tuesday, November 6, 2012

After a week at safe harbor .. we say good bye Beaufort, South Carolina

Farmers market in Beaufort, SC

 Tempest (Ken and Marie)

Sea Tow found a spare marker ... as boaters we wonder ... "where is one missing?" ...

Coast Guard Station on the Savannah River .. we anchored just up stream of this station.

Savannah is a big shipping port ... containers and cars ... 

... the Savannah Breakers ... don't try and cross those in a boat!

.. but when the water is safe and comfortable .. it sure is beautiful!

7:05 PM

7:12 PM

7:15 PM ... note the boat in the middle of the sunset .. 

.. still not "standard Time" yet and so the sun comes up late ... 8:25 AM

.. .arrival in St Augustine ... 9:05 AM

 The Pirate Boat stuck in the mud beside s/v Tempo

7:40 AM..Tempo heading the bridge of Lion, second try after the exciting incident the day before, the prop fell out before the bridge

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hurricane Sandy and Beaufort, South Carolina

Many inquiries on our safety and concerns for where we are at this time. 
Safe and Sound in Beaufort City Marina and enjoying this historic town.

Church Creek, SM 488.2 (South Carolina), anchor here, the end of the day another 2 boats come to anchor with us.

Church Creek Sunset ... the sky was totally orange.

We left early Church Creek ... still dark, in order for us to pass the famous Dawho River Inlet Shoal at high tide ... tide range here in South Carolina is almost 8 feet ...

The birds are still sleeping..

This is our next anchorage Bass Creek. The wind blowing at 20 knot and the sky show interesting cloud formations .... here comes Sandy!

Having dinner with the dolphins playing around. This guy is on his back with tummy facing up.

They say Pink Sky at Night ... Sailors delight ... we will see. Forecasting rain but never saw any.

This is a track of Sandy .. we really did not see much weather from her in Beaufort ... a grey Saturday and moderate winds ... there was some rain to the north but nothing in Beaufort.

End of another beautiful day ... Saturday. The Marina was full of boats seeking shelter.

Sitting out having dinner on the waterfront of Beaufort.

Going for a walk ... so much history in this town ... churches from the early 1700`s ... 

Flowers from I am not sure when ;-)

Really nice town ...

With Ice Cream Parlours as well ... the chocolate milk shake is the favourite.

The Ladies Island Bridge in the background.

 Walking and walking ... getting our exercise before boarding on our next leg of our journey. When ever that will be.

The city has done a beautiful job on the waterfront ... quite well done and inviting for visitors.

Another pink sky ... 

Sunday Service at St Helena`s Episcopal Church ... overflowing full service today.

So much time and can't go anywhere .... too little water downstream ... too much wind and waves outside ... hmm what shall we do. So we swing on the swing!

Small local cottage ... from Huge to Small ... this reminds us of our little house in Port Credit.

These are from today, activity in Beaufort. What's a funny in this picture?
It's the dog can't recognize the dress up dog.
More pictures below from our historic tour with horse chariot.