Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Time for snorkeling and time for laundry

Captain is getting ready for the guests, in two days the Nash will arrive from Toronto

Kim Moss, our best friend taxi driver in her office with her staff. A beautiful lady with a beautiful heart. Serve people and community through taxi company and as well through a charity organization, Hands of Hope. We delivered some stuff from Yeri, Toronto: food and baby clothing for Kim's mission.

Enjoy sunrise at Nassau Harbor Club

Healthy options ... fresh grown sprouts .... :-)

Snorkeling in the Exuma Islands



There is Nora ....  

Beach PikNik ... bring your own shadc!

Eat and float ... another day in paradise.


The end of a holiday in the Bahamas... it is better in the Bahamas!











Some of the wildlife found ... shown above ... then there is the other kind of wildlife found ... shown below!








Clear and calm waters in Staniel Cay ...


Waiting for the Cruisers SSB Net to check in and find out how Moya Maria is doing ... a buddy boater from Toronto who went aground off the northern shore of Cuba ... the boat and both Roman and Olha safe .... stuff happens and that is life!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Indeed Bahamas is warm...

This morning we put away blankets, heater, shocks, long sleeve shirts ... definitely we don't need them in Bahamas.

Can't compare driving in 401 with heavy fog with cruising in waterway with heavy fog ...
both are  ... "spooky" .....







Oops ... nice sail cover though!

Dolphins ... not sharks ;-)

This one spent a bunch of time following along playing in the bow wave ... they must get bored and juts want something out of the ordinary to do ... they are such a welcome sight for us bored cruisers as well ...



The end of another beautiful day on the ICW ... what a beautiful resource this is running all down the eastern coast ... so many places to see and experience.







We arrive in Fort Pierce ... a waterway billboard!


So protected on the ICW we rafted up with Greenstone for a couple of the nights as we moved from St Augustine to Lake Worth Inlet ... weather window looks like it will be a quick turn round to cross to the Bahamas.

It was an uneventful crossing ... leaving at sunset on Thursday and arriving in Great Harbor at the north end of the Berry Islands on Friday at 14:00.

Some of the "wildlife" we saw along the way ... and I don't mean Greenstone ...

This big boy traveled with Greenstone for about 15 minutes playing in the bow wave ... we think it was a Pigmy Killer Whale ... but not really sure



Bob and Judy had a front row seat!

As we got closer to the Berry Islands the cruise ships are about letting their passengers off at Great Stirrup Cay for the day activities.

Anchored in Great Harbor ... had a quick shower (not enough to rinse off the salt buildup though) and were presented with this Rainbow from north to south right over the entrance to the anchorage.

Here we are anchored .... picture from Greenstone as we celebrate our great crossing with great cruising friends.

Another beautiful sunset ... no green flash that night ...  


On our way to Nassau two days later after anchoring and doing a few projects ...




Busy Nassau Harbor ...

Cruise ships abound ...

Parachutists coming down in Nassau ..