Tuesday, November 6, 2012

After a week at safe harbor .. we say good bye Beaufort, South Carolina

Farmers market in Beaufort, SC

 Tempest (Ken and Marie)

Sea Tow found a spare marker ... as boaters we wonder ... "where is one missing?" ...

Coast Guard Station on the Savannah River .. we anchored just up stream of this station.

Savannah is a big shipping port ... containers and cars ... 

... the Savannah Breakers ... don't try and cross those in a boat!

.. but when the water is safe and comfortable .. it sure is beautiful!

7:05 PM

7:12 PM

7:15 PM ... note the boat in the middle of the sunset .. 

.. still not "standard Time" yet and so the sun comes up late ... 8:25 AM

.. .arrival in St Augustine ... 9:05 AM

 The Pirate Boat stuck in the mud beside s/v Tempo

7:40 AM..Tempo heading the bridge of Lion, second try after the exciting incident the day before, the prop fell out before the bridge