Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Celebration at St. Augustine, beautiful town..always busy with activities and boaters

In this chapter we have been staying for an extended time in St Augustine. Greenstone and ourselves are trying to find some options in where to get some work done on our boats. This takes a long time, arrange appointments to see people, get quotes, and then the hard part is to decide. So we have spent much of the last 7 - 10 days getting through that process for Greenstone and Saber Tooth. We rented a car and traveled a little to see some yards for hauling and did a little sight seeing on the way. Here are some pictures of those days in St Augustine with Greenstone (Bob and Judy), Heavenly Scent (Fred) and ourselves.

This is Amelia Island Beach ... looking out over the beach from our lunch spot.

another beautiful day in the neighborhood ... some read some play in the water ... it is hot!

Tree in the middle of the road, Fernandina Beach

John, Gary and Fred beside Run Line II on the hard in St Augustine.

We got a chance to meet friends from Toronto aboard Rumline II, Gary and Lina. As we talked we realised that we had heard them on the radio and they were right across the dock with us in Nassau .. but we didn't recognize them and they didn't recognize us .. darker skin, sun glasses and hats disguise us well :-)

Gary and John (great guy, that is why his name is John) ... has drived down from Toronto to help Gary and Lena prepare the boat for storage for another season and drive back north with them. Last time we saw John he didn't have the big bushy beard ... almost didn't recognize him!

Beautiful Sunrise..view from Conch House Marina, St Augustine.

Our favourite breakfast place, Athena Restaurant, St. Augustine

ambridge Cay mooring field for 10 weeks this season ... now back in their home town of St Augustine ... it is so cool to meet freinds again and again in our travels.

Ice Cream? Oh Yes...

Enjoying live music at San Sebastian Winery..

Roger and Connie ... seems like just yesterday that we were snorkling at Rocky Dundas in the Exumas ... thanks Roger and Connie!

Easter is so special here in St. Augustine, as with many of the older towns in the south there are many churches, all a stones throw away from each other .... 

Basilica Cathedral at St. Augustine

Easter Service at the beach, 06:30 AM..

Meanwhile the sun just came up..

Audience from dinghy..

And..the dolphin of course..

Here we are...again continue up north to Fernandina Beach..will stay there for a while for engine repalacement..

Pictures share by Greenstone..we say good bye at St. Augustine, we continue north to Fernandina Beach

We have been sailing together since we started the journey from Fernandina Beach, last February. Greenstone you are incredible sailing buddy..we love you..thanks for sharing these pictures..

Dinner at Beach Marina, Jacksonville

Dinner at Water Salt Cowboy, St. Augustine

Dinner At Poop Deck, Nassau

Sea Turtle


She is short and he is tall..what a couple!

The girls and the bougenville

Aha..ready for the weather, not rain but..the splash!

Pam, from Cricket..we meet them in Nassau and then Staniel Cay and then Georgetown..and Nassau again..small world..

Cocktail at Jubilee, Big Major

Docking at Sampson for fuel..

Sinking Jeep