Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday, October 30 - 31 - Chesapeke to Norfolk

Chesapeke City, at the top on the Chesapeke Bay at the western end of the C&D Canal ... quante colorful historical town ... at one time a boat ran into the bridge connecting it to the mainland and they were without a bridge for 7 years .. back in the early 1800's ... I bet that captain was fired!

On of the historic B&B's in Chesapeke ... look carfully for the guy climbing the rope.

One of the Christmas Tree looking navigational markers ... it is pretty high tech ... from one way it is one thing and the other it is something diffferent ... and you should see the ships that use them ... makes any boat look like a dingy!

About 1/3 of gthe way down the Chesapeke Bay is the famous town of Annapols. This "Sailing Capitol of America" is quite a place and the main reason why wedecided to take the longer route up the Delaware and down the Chesapeke. These bridges spans the Chesapeke just before Annapolis city. They are the William Lane Jr Memorial Bridges.

The first thing you notice on arrival into Annapolis are the Buildings ... these are part of the Naval Academy and they dominate a lot of the town.

The second thing you notice here is how quickly they come to collet the Mouring Fees! Here is the Harbor Master giving us the Q&D tour of what to see in Annapols.

Here is Saber Tooth swinging at the mouring in Annapols. It is very cool to be here.

The famous "Chart House Restaurant". We picked a mouring ball just ourside their huge windows overlooking the bay ... and of course as a result Saber Tooth was there for the dinner guests to look at ... hey ... if "they" can show off why can't we ... :-)

Here we are (well mor of the "we" part) having dinner at the "best crab cakes on the Bay" place .... now I understand what all those "Crab Pots" were about that we had been dodging in the bays for the last couple of days.

Some of the Halloween festivities ... this was a boat that catered to the Pirates in the city ... this group was a bunch of kids.

The streets slope down to the water ... with the boats far in the distance.

We had dinner with Eva, Jonathan and Justin at "Pussers" and then a quick visit on the boat before they drove 45 minutes to home. Great small world where it took a visit to Annapolis to get to meet Johnathon and revisit with Eva after 7 years.

All good things must come to an end and it was time to push on ... a great destination for all this place called Annapolis ... wonderful history, places to see, people and food.

On route down the Chesapeke ... more divesity in the "Aids to Navigation" and the boaters who like to be close to them.

One of many commercial vessels that frequent the waterways. They are bigger than us and

Sunrise in Sandy Point, Reedville
We got here Saturday, 7:30 PM, very dark. We did cruise 80 nm from Annapolis, battled with wind, wave and strong current against us. Many times the boat just stopped, not's not fun at all.

The next day when the fetch from inlets and bays allowed the waves to build ... short and steep ...

burried bow with dorads piping in salt water to the cabin ... everything wet ...

All is calm on arrival to Norfolk ... Thimble Shoal Light
We anchor in Willoby Bay for the night as the winds build from the NW with a "Canadian High" building in behind it.


  1. Thanks for the update. Beautiful pics and breathtaking views of the bridges. Good thing Sabre Tooth left them standing...wouldn't want the captain fired. Seems like the cuisine is a deliciously high standard!!!Looks like exciting sailing to Norfolk. It's fun to follow your course on the map. Bon continued voyage!

  2. John en Nora;
    I didn't mean to discourage but just for your reference, if you did this by land, this is the what you gonna need to spend, from Port credit to Coinjock, NC would be at about : 1124 Km and you'll reach in 12 hour....
    Of course the Saber tooth will bring you on the other way more beautiful scenery....