Monday, October 11, 2010

Sunday...Another Saber Tooth Crew Arrived

Oh My..the second Sunday in Oswego...
We went to the service at 11:15

St. Joseph's Church..beautiful looking church, the sermon was really encouraging, walking with faith!

Almost cross the church, YMCA building, historical building

Here is the Highway to Oswego

Good Sunday..Shawn arrived!

The arrangement was..once we get to New York, Carol, Amanda, Martin, Janet and Shawn will drive down to meet us there..Ed will go back to Toronto and Shawn will join us from there to..what ever, but it didn't happen, coz the canal's issue Janet and Shawn instead came to Oswego..

Here is the famous Capt Tivy...

Janet be welcomed by Isabella and Max

Isabella and Max, Southern Cross IV from Peterborough


Welcome to Oswego..look at the cloud up there..interesting shape..

what ever mean..good thing is coming

Turkey? No,'s's still bird..

Happy Thanksgiving Canadian...

Thanksgiving Dinner at Sabertooth

Almost 2 weeks in Oswego..enough time to build a friendship, Laurie is the keeper in Oswego Marina and Andy, captain of Southern Cross IV

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  1. You Guys may have to winterize before you get going ;-)

    I'm sure you will have a lot of company when you finally get out of there.

    All the best. Jake