Thursday, September 18, 2014

Another Season ...

Another Season

September, 2014; As the cruising community in Ontario starts their trek south for another winter in the Caribbean ... preparation starts for the Annapolis Boat Show and preparation for the upcoming season. Though the boat is stored safely in Florida we will travel down there to get some maintenance issues dealt with before a January splash date.

Here she is on the hard in St Augustine

Second Year with our Cover. Took some time to sew it, but it sure helps extend the life of the bright work on deck.

We used a fabric called "Aquatop" suggested by Judy on Greenstone.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Friends and relatives part of our Bahamas cruising..

The scrawled cowfishis closely related to boxfish and trunkfish. They range in size from 8-15 inches, with a maximum length of 18 inches, and can be found at depths between 6 and 80 feet. It has distinctive features such as a scrawled pattern of bluish markings covering its body; a blue line runs from snout to anal fin and it has a sharp spine above each eye. This latter point distinguishes cowfish from trunkfish.
Overall it is coloured blue-green to yellow cast. However, it may darken, pale and change color. Significantly it has two sharp spines in front of anal fin. The scrawled cowfish lives in a wide range of habitats including grass beds. However it is wary. If disturbed it may remain motionless apparently relying on camouflage.

Tropicbird is tropical pelagic seabirds classified in their own order Phaethontiformes. Their relationship to other living birds is unclear, and they appear to have no close relatives. They have predominantly white plumage with elongated tail feathers and small feeble legs and feet.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Become friends with those above and below the water ...

We just left Cape Eleuthra and few whales swam at our port side ...

Hm..another birthday celebration in Bahamas ... Judy with her creativity baked a yummy birthday cake with umbrella decoration ..

San-Fran or Bahamas ... hmm which one ... 

The local wildlife ... curly tails 

The imported "wildlife" ... 

The ladies wishing Happy Birthday to Toronto friend Oeke ... all the best Oeke!

One of many breakfast feasts ... 

Construction forman "Bill" directs the sit prep teams ..

They will figure it out one day ...

The imported engineers planning "sky scrapers" (up there) and an international 
marina "over there" ...

.. construction "ffot ware" on our imaginary construction site (an actual 
construction site that stopped development in the 80's).

Now ... the locat vegetation is taking over again ...

While Saber Tooth waits for the return of the "crew" ... 

Next stop ... shark swimming ... that is Bill chasing a Reef Shark (looks closer 
than it actually was ... but still close enough to make the adrenaline pump) ..

Sunday, March 16, 2014

In everything there is purpose ...!




Try to read the clouds?

We did snorkel many times around this island, we called thistiny island: Bonsai island





















Hmmm ...beautiful day in Cape Eleuthra Resort, on the patio of Pascal's Restaurant