Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The journey continue..entering 2013

O happy day..Saber Tooth back in the water

Reunion in Hurricane Pattys, big smile we are in camera!

Beautiful gift from Minnesota, hand made sailing mugs by Judy

It happened one of those days..laundry day in River Edge Marina


Nigel and Dayle come to join us for couple of weeks, cruising in ICW

Amazing tour in St. Augustine with Segway

Flagler College, St. Augustine..part of the tour..

They look brothers..don't you think so?

Captain Dayle in training..

Docking in Titusville Municipal Marina


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Back aboard Saber Tooth ...

Well last week we arrived and has been busy ... getting the boat cleaned up inside after her being shut up in this warm damp Florida weather ... dusty after our living last fall and the accumulation from the last two months.

We are in the water again after checking out things below the waterline ... all was fine and so here we are in Rivers Edge Marine ... a nice quiet spot in St Augustine.

 We are working on the following projects while here: 

1) Finish the installation of our watermaker.
2) Finish the configuring and installation of our high capacity alternator (160 amps) and regulator.
3) Install solar panels over the bimini. Two 215W Kyocera panels. Hope not to have to run the generator for battery charging (only water making).
4) Provision with sufficient beer for 3 months. Beer in US can be found for $16/24 cans ... in the Bahamas it is about the same price as Canada. Of course some other items will have be brought on board ...
5) Get the sails on
6) Varnish the toe rails and hand rails ... again!

 We have a new feature on the boat ... Santa brought us a SPOT satellite tracking system. You will find a link on the blog that will show where we are as we travel ... more like as we press the button to let concerned and curious people know where we are and that we are safe ... we will see how it goes.

Gotta love boating.