Thursday, February 24, 2011

On our way to Cambridge Cay, 10 nm south east

On our way to new island. All spots are not very far apart and wonderful experiences at each one of them. We hope each one has been captured in what we show and a little of the people along the way. We have been trying to keep up a Google Map of our travels with pins at each stop ... to give you an idea of where we are and how we got there. Still learning on so many fronts.

Saber Tooth Travels, 2010-2011

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The next spot Walderick Wells Cay, 25 miles

Captain communicated with other boat

You have to wear sun glasses, help to see the water

We will enter soon the shallow water, 10 - 15 ft or lower

After passed the Alligator Cay, we turned to starboard side, aiming the buoy # 9

High tide, when low tide..the beach only couple yards away

Beautiful spot for snorkeling

Our neighbour just visited..having drinks before the sun went down

Shark under our dinghy

Sunken boat under our boat

Sperm Whale skeleton, found 1995

Very friendly birds

Look at the water how clear it is..

Lizards..having fun..

Yey...the dinghy engine works again

Dr. Engine, Bruce

Summer of 42 with background sunset

Cheers for the beautiful day in the neighbourhood and for celebrating the successful repair of the engine, real team effort to get parts, moral support, etc..

As the sun went down we left Greenstone back to our boat

Dinghy to Neighbour Islands, Allans Cay

Towing by Greenstone we go exploring Allans Cay, just next to Highborne Cay

Enjoy the paradise view of Highborne Cay

Saber Tooth in paradise

So excited to be here and looking forward to explore the islands with dinghy until we found out the engine didn't work..but here come the help..our neighbour Greenstone offered to tow our dinghy. This people are so nice..

Try to make the dinghy work

Here we are towing by Greenstone

You can swimming with this guys..shark

Niddle Fish with Sharks

We meet Southern Cross IV, friends that we met in Oswego and traveled the Erie Canal with