Sunday, February 17, 2013

Beautiful and challenging weather in Bahamas

How is Nassau today? Changed a little from a few years ago. One thing one can always count on and that is "change"!

There is a construction of big resort in the neighbourhood in the west end of the Island

We are looking for the beauty in the remote island..
Our first stop after crossing the white bank is Highborne Cay..

Need to say again, never bored to capture the magnificent of 
the sunset
and ...

 the sunrise

Captain John starts the day with breakfast marmalade toast 

And lunch..hah ... Bahamians beverage ...

Our special guest for today....not long stay with us, the mother comes to get her/him?

One of the exciting moment..waiting the green flash..

Our favorite spot when anchor in Big Major, Staniel Cay ... dinghying to Samson Cay

This used to be a great resort with the restaurant and bar open for the public. We went back on what used to be the usual Tuesday 1/2 price specials and they don't open the bar any more ... quite dissapointing. There is "change" again. But the beauty of the place remains there ... 

This is Pirate Beach ... people donate "stuff" to the beach and it gets left there ... it looks like the campers have arrived ... but really open to everyone ... bring something or not. There goes the neighbourhood!

Anchored off the beach ... to many memories of conch puncturing our dingy ... might take a while to get over that one ... it has already been two years.

Various modes of transport ... not sure where people have space for these kind of toys .. as you remember we found a four seater kayak on the Great Bahama Bank ... gave it away as it was just too much to deal with .. 
might have been fun now ;-(

Now that is a boat ... talking with the crew as they ferried guests to the beach for a pik-nik ... the crew said they loved these outings as then they were not doing the chores ... they said the "best one" is the "wax-on, wax-off" job done at least once a week ... and that is 150 feet long. A lot of Wax!

The quiet mooring field of the Exuma Cay Land and Sea Park ...

but ... as everywhere in the world ... there have to be the rodents ... this guy is called a Hutea ... really a rat with no tail ... similar to our squirrels ... a rat with a fluffy tail!

So friendly..on John's foot..

Up to Boo Boo hill..

Gathering or Sun-Downers at Warderick Wells ... gathered quite a bunch ...

We are here for an extended period due to the strong cold front going through the area ... and here it comes. This was last evening (Saturday) where we say sustained winds of 27 kn some gusts to 30 kn and very heavy rains ... boat was well pressure washed this morning.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Leave Lake Worth Tuesday, February 05 - 03:30 AM..

We meet again Dirk and Nancy, S/V Renegade in the anchorage Lake Worth..we admired so much their boat..

John and Nigel spend the whole afternoon working to finish the solar panel before crossing the gulf the next day.. more screw John?

And here we are..03:40 AM the anchor up..
We are so amazed to see the sunset on the way..

Out of the mist show up this grey ship..

Hm..what a weather..calm sea, blue sky and the wind comes from the nose, no chance for sailing..

About 10 hours cruising, Great Isaac Light House shows up on the horizon..

We continue another couple of hours, anchor behind Little Isaac, about 24 ft depth

John prepared to anchor..

We are in Bahamas now..switch flag..

Want to see another sunset? Here one of the pictures, sunset in the middle of Atlantic Ocean..

And the picture below is the sunrise the next day..uh..warm day is coming..

Can tell you how warm it is..try to decide where to go..

Another project to be done while on the way, water maker..John in his basement locker..

And..we found treasure, abandon kayak..

Another long day cruising, arrive just outside Chub Cay when the sun just about to go down and yey..we captured the green flash..

Nice, quiet morning and one by one leave the anchorage area, with various destination

after couple hours..the sea became a bit rough..

Early noon we arrived in Nassau, tied up in Nassau Harbour Club..ha..glad we landed in the land again..after went through the clearance process, we walked around, had internet connection in Starbucks

Saber Tooth amongs the mega boat..