Monday, February 4, 2013

So many things to see out there..up to the sky, down to the ocean..

We had a couple of days in Titusville, had a tour in Kennedy Space Center. Bonus to this trip, we had a chance to see the Rocket Launch..just outside of the Tiki Bar.



Our next dream....orbit the Mars.. 

Like John said..
He started from dream..and that dream came true..

Dressing in Kennedy Space Center..Dayle with Nasa Socks..

Amazing to see the Rocket Launch..a big fire works in the sky..

Continue the Solar Panel Project on the way..mooring in Vero Beach

Another spectacular many pictures of sunset but never tired to have more..

Sailed and cruised to Lake Worth..and enjoyed the twizzlers..

Waiting for the weather window in Cannonsport Marina, Lake Worth..


  1. All right, you guys. Here we were thinking you were tucked in to that berth we could just about see on the satellite... and then we get this SPOT message and looks like you're "on the road again"! A moonlight cruise??? or flit!! The visit to NASA looks fascinating, and we're glad to see that able seaman Nigel is handy with tape measure & saw.....earning his keep and his beer. How is the captain in training? Safe trip. xo R & G

  2. WOW! Getting those spot messages by the hour means Sabre Tooth is boogying! Safe, happy sailing you guys! xo R & G

  3. Just having tea, looking at the ocean, and 'bling' another SPOT message arrived. This is very exciting! Hope you're having a ball...tired probably, but having fun. We noticed that overnight, you made slower progress. Were you on the sea anchor? Thinking of you. xo R & G

  4. Nice berth!!! Pretty exciting! One of your neighbours looks quite enormous...."floating gin palace"??!!! Congratulations on a safe passage. Happy relaxing! xo R & G

  5. Hi Rosy...we are thinking of you...2 nights in the row we were parking..pardon me..I mean anchoring in the middle of ocean with depth 24 ft...rather then cruising at night through the bank..
    Arrived today in Nassau around 12:30..roly poly trip but hey we are in Nassau..we just backed from dinner at Poop Deck...