Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hog Cay, the place you have to stay, you will love it

We can't talk about the story of the day without talking of how beautiful the sunset is..

From Cambridge Cay we took the Bell Cut to go to Hog Cay, very short trip..about 7 nm.

Aha..with dinghy we do tour around White Bay Cay..we plan to snorkeling to see the Jeep Reef..but we cancel, too many Jelly Fish. Instead we go to the beach and hey...the water is very clear..and invite you to just lay down and floating..

Near by the Ray is doing the samething too..

Time to say Hi and time to say Good bye

We were cruising together for a while, but now..time to pursue our own destination. What a sad evening, never know, the wind can bring us to meet again..

Our last evening with Georgia E and Painkiller we had dinner at Georgia E and then played Mexican Train

Cheers..till meet you again in the next port..

There was a good day and there was a bad day. Our dinghy run into conch on the beach and 3 holes at a result..

The Captain tested the patch..leak or not?

Meanwhile our neighbour was busy doing laundry...^_^

Cloud over the sunset..

Captain C just delivered 'stuff' at Sampson Cay (Yey..Wednesday..time to get provision..)

Dinghy Tour around Pipe Cay

Bell Rock From the Sound....Calm day like this good to cruise out at Exuma Sound

Sun down at the beach, we brought Chicken Satay

Can't help for not taking a picture to see this awesome sunset..

They called this Jelly Fish: Man of war..

Conference at the water..while watching the Man of The War passed by..

Waiting the last bit of the sun dissapear and then the green flash..

Judy from Greenstone was enjoying the day pass by while sitting in the hammock chair..

Monday, March 21, 2011

Snorkling in Aquarium and picnicking in the low tide beach..etc. and then back again in Warderick Cay

What a busy day much to see and to experience. We left in the morning with whole preparation: snorkling gear, lunch and walking shoes..

After snorkeling at Aquarium, we found a nice beach for lunch, at low tide you can walk every where..

Searching treasures at the beach, we saw many sand dollars

Karen and Beth walked to the next island no need dinghy..

Meanwhile John and Stew walked to the other one..just pick a place..

Yey..we founda a hot tub..oh my..awesome!

Lunch time, peanut butter sandwich, crackers..mmmm..yummy

In the background the famous Aquarium, busy place..

St Patrick Day..on the beach..

Dinghying in front of Johnny Depp's island..

By this picture you can tell what time is it now

Well..the sun went down, time to blow the conch..

Go Scott go...

Can't start the story without start from the beginning of the day, the beautiful sunrise

We were snorkeling at Rocky Dundas and continue to explore the beach facing to Compass Cay

Can't wait to jump in the water and swimming..

Actually it's fun dancing on the beach..