Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Norfolk...waiting for the next weather window

It has been a while that we have had the time and energy to do some updates here. The engine project and the heat has been quite tiring ... but now we are much further north and a little cooler in the evenings ...

These images and comments are for updating our passage from Fernandina Beach, June 11 until today, June 22. We are in Norfolk, Virginia, at Waterside Marina.

We left Fernandina Beach on June 11 and took outside route from Fernandina Beach, Florida (SM 717) to Charleston, South Carolina (SM 465), it's about 260 miles. It took us about 20 hours.

The sunset is always spectacular in the middle of ocean..

We met again Crackerjack (Ray and Bonnie) in Charleston. We shared a great evening and dinner together.

Just few miles in the entrance of Charleston we hit a here we are again..arranging to haul the boat to check the propeller

I don't think we can fit in between these monster ships..

We found Pierside boat yard to haul Saber Tooth.
It took 2 days to fix the propeller, launched the boat again and move on ...
We decided to take the ICW since the weather window was not good for an outside passage ...

Natures wonder along the ICW

We were in Morehead City, North Carolina, dinner at Sanitary Restaurant, sitting on the patio and watching this Laughing Seagul flying around looked for crumbs..

The storm was approaching us while we were cruising in Pungo River

Tied up at Great Bridge before the lock

We met Christine and Peter Watson, Mytyfyne, travelled together until Norfolk

We spent the afternoon in the Nautical Museum .. home of the Battleship Wisconsin. They also had displays on the oceans and weather ... it is really well done.

This 4 foot long moray eel is like the one that we were snorkling with in the Bahamas, on Jeep Reef with Bob and Judy. The only difference was that the Jeep Reef one was bigger.

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  1. Manuel said: awesome!!!!

  2. Great tracking your progress on Google map. See U soon Brian