Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spend one day in Daytona Beach and continue to St Augustine

Cruising in ICW could be fun, could be stressing. Especially when waiting for the open of Bascule Bridge which has technical problem, so delay for about 45 minute, meanwhile the wind was so strong and the current on top of it...what did we do? Anchored in the middle of the channel..

This is another interesting story, Bascule Bridge (Haulover Canal) with the barge in the middle of the channel, so..move with cautious!

The nice things go through ICW you can see many 'things'...

Another fun experience in ICW..narrow channel and share it with big barge..keep watching your depth..

Abandon ship..o boy..

Go through so many Bridges

Ponce de Leon Light House looked from ICW
(Mile 840)

One of our favorite restaurant, Blue Grotto, Halifax Harbour Marina, Daytona Beach
Tuesday: all you can eat Shrimp..(fried, grill, steam..)

Dinner and then...Fred got a taxi for all of us to have ice cream at Baskin and Robbins

Oho..treat for the day

Look at is not enough I guess..

Fred tried to encourage Conny to get one..

Mm...this is what I need after driving people to many places..

Don't say a 'Big GUY' can't float

Busy traffic, crazy boaters will not stop me to have a nap

St Augustine Light House from ICW

St Augustine (Mile 777)

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