Sunday, March 20, 2016

Andre Visits the Bahamas

Andre came down to visit the Bahamas for 2 weeks with 10 days aboard Sabertooth....
Spending most of the time in the Exumas, sailed to Staniel, Cambridge, Warderick Wells, Blackpoint then Back to Staniel

Andre (Mayo Jr.) posts about their stay in paradise:
Snorkeling some of the clearest waters I've seen
Nora and her friends:

Mayo Sr an Jr
And lots more fish in Warderick Wells

Yum, too bad we can get this guy for dinner...

We met a bunch of Eagle Rays there also

See the flounder?

Had a great time with Bob and Judy from Greenstone also!

Fishing... lot of fishing:
Bonefish near Staniel...

Spearfishing near Staniel
Mahi Mahi fishing out on the sound...

Visiting Nassau before we head back home...
The lost blue hole 80 ft down
``You gotta leave to come back``

See you next time Bahamas!