Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Cambridge Cay today

The mooring field is full, no mooring ball is available, we anchor with 7 other boats in the south side and there is another boat in the west side.

It is beautiful morning, indeed. At 6:30 AM the moon is still up hanging in west side while the sunrise is in the other side. It's very beautiful view in both side..

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Here we are in Bahamas..AGAIN... :-)

As usual..from preparing the boat and launching the boat always work, work and work..while fixing something we find some new issues which needed to be fix too... but ... this is boating is all about, we have to enjoy the fixing part as well ... that comes in one package, can't be separated.

We travelled down to Titusville with Greenstone (and their guests) and Rhiannon.

When the weather is not align with the expectation, actually that is a good excuse to have tour in the land...visit NASA

Father and Son ... Jeff and Matt great cruising friends. They had planned on crossing to Nassau though weather did not cooperate. Had a great time with them in the travels as far as we were blessed to have together.

We moved down to Lake Worth North together with Green Stone and Summer 42, waiting for the weather window to cross to Bahamas. But when we left Friday morning February 12, Summer 42 canceled to cross with us, they returned home.

What beautiful day in the ocean..

These are "Man-of -War" jelly fish ... very uncomfortable if you get tangled with one of these guys. There were so many of them in the gulf stream ... didn't see that much more fish and wildlife though "they" were out there ...

Sun set on the ocean ... and there was a very small moon ... looks quite peaceful ocean ... not always like that though and we have to pick our timing of our crossing.

Arrived ... through Nassau doing Customs and Immigration then on to Shroud Cay in the northern exumas ...

On to Wardtick Wells Cay ... stayed there for a few days enjoying the Park trails and snorkling.


More later ...