Thursday, April 11, 2013

Our story through the picture..busy life on the water..

We start the day, sunrise..gratitude to the Creator, the Maker of the universe.
Very common at 06:30..listen to Christ Parker, what is the weather for today and days ahead


Before the bad weather arrive..hiding on the safe place..

What creature is this? Digging the hole and hiding under the sand..?

Here is the surface when the low tide..

Meet a friend, s/v Duchess..

After Good Friday Service in Black Point

Looking for sea treasure..

Poor guy..the one I avoid when snorkelling..baraccuda

Rocks and rocks..

What a face..

Beautiful creepy thing under the water..

Another beautiful day has gone..

And here we are another chapter of beautiful wild life in Bahamas..

What the sky tell yo for today?

Multi tasking..Sunday preaching a good news

Weekdays..a chief of police..amazing man..

Lorraine gave a warm welcome to boaters at Lorraine Cafe