Monday, July 11, 2011

Some gatherings when we arrived..and anniversary celebration

We are so happy to be home again, meeting friends and friends. Meanwhile we are so busy too to empty the boat. We don't know how we loaded this boat with all of this stuff..incredible, bags after bags, now those move to the basement..

Summer always busy with party in the Marina..some pictures below were Tony's 50th birthday..

We held small gathering at home for some reasons:
1. Safe arrival home after 8 months cruising south (2 months in 2010, 6 months in 2011)
2. Our 17 years wedding anniversary
3. To clebrate the life of Morning (about 13 years) and Midnight (about 17 years) our beloved cats which passed while we were away
4. Bill, our best friend's bday

Bill (Bill and Yeri plan to start their sailing holiday this Monday), Captain John and Brian (who took care our house and cats while we were away)

Tumpeng, the Indonesian tradition food for celebrating a special occasion:
Yellow rice with chicken, corn fritter, slices of beef etc..

Happy anniversary John and Nora!!

John with Grace and James (our God children)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

We are home...home sweet home, Saber Tooth arrived home, Port Credit Harbour Marina

We left Oswego Wednesday morning, sunny and 15 knot wind from south west ... very nice sailing winds .. after two hours the wind shifted to the west at 20-25 knots with gusts to 31-32 knotts, thunder storm, rain, lightening with nasty wave. A real Lake Ontario Squall! We altered course for Rochester to skirt the eye of the storm ...maintaining this course for about an hour the storm passed we resumed our original course again .. heading to Coburg and on to Toronto ...

Some photos when we went through the locks..there were 23 Locks on Erie Canal and 7 Locks in Oswego Canal..

This is Lock #23, Brewerton..we tied up for the night here..quiet and peaceful

Lock #7 in schedule, so we have to wait here..

Get the mast up in Oswego

Dessert for the Captain, the Patz

Leaving Oswego

Beautiful Sunset after the Storm

About 6:00 o' clock in the morning we were in Toronto, sunrise welcomed us..

The city is still sleeping...

CN Tower

Look at the glass

Our home port, Port Credit