Monday, January 31, 2011

Still In Tiger Point Marina, Fernandina Beach

January 25, Tuesday Night at 8:00 PM, we arrived at the boat. The boat was still up at the yard. The hull looked white and shining, the bottom has a new paint, light colour. So excited to see our boat. We had a problem, the ladder was laying on the ground locked. Nobody around and the Marina office was closed. John found a couple boats next to us, a boat with a ladder and nobody on the boat. So we borrowed for the night.. Another problem we found, the washroom was locked, and we don't think we will use our head..but let see, behind us there was a boat with the light is still on. John knocked ..and yes..there was a voice answered, so another thanks God, problems were solved. The boat looked good and clean, for sure it had been taking good care..Only before went to bed we find the aft cabin cushion was wet, really wet! All the port side which we storage clothes were wet..oh no..but let all the worries tomorrow, bed time, it had been a long day..
Next day was sunny..but..It's kind of not easy to climbed up and came down in the windy's really windy, 28 KN. While John sorted out the battery, the refrigarator (this refrigarator issue had never end!), I put the closure up, it's not fun doing it with the wind blew so strong. Then took out the wet cushion and the sheet to be layed to dry. While the boat on the yard, John replaced the shafting seal.
On Thursday we launched Saber Tooth, on the cold windy day..she looked gorgeous floating on the water again!

Get the radar post be ready to put up..just had been polished..

It's nice to be back at boat but it's nice also to be out on the beach at St. Augustine Beach

This is the cause of the problem of the leaking below the aft cabin, the drain on deck was broken.
Today John ordered this part and will be delivered tomorrow.

While waiting some parts to be replaced included the house battery and waiting for the good weather window, we rent a car for few days, stuck up provision, got printer, sewing we really in trouble, tried to get the space for storage everything..

Sunday, January 23, 2011

January 24, 2011 - Getting ready to go!

As we count down the days until we fly back to our floating home, Saber
Tooth, we anxiously wait for the feel of warmer wind and spray in our faces
and the feeling of the salt water, waves, stars and the wonders of Nature
about us.

Looking forward to the upcoming travels of Saber Tooth on our way to the
southern islands of the Bahamas.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year Gathering at Port Credit

A wonderful time with friends from the Boating Community in Port Credit, Natty's Restaurant.