Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Christmas in July at Toronto Island

Since we backed home, our activities we spend around home, families, friends, church..and..boat again. We sailed almost every week-end to Toronto Island..with family and friends..

What is the exciting news? Saber Tooth was the winner for the best decoration of Christmas in July in Toronto Island Marina...^_^

Karon from Georgia-E, reunion at Mimico Yacht Club

Toronto City by night, viewed from Toronto Island. It's always amazing to see the CN Tower..

Had a visit of friend (Oeke) in Saber Tooth in one of the most hot know what was she doing to cool down? Put a bag of ice in the seemed work well by the big smile in her face..

Here is the winner of the best decoration of Christmas in July in Toronto Island Marina. Both sails were up..

Reflection from the!


Visiting with the niece from Germany

Dinner at Amadeu's Restaurant, Portuguese Cuisine

Mario fell asleep in Street Car

Traffic jam, accident in Queen Quay, we had to get off and walked to Ferry Dock

Happy boaters at St Andrew Church, Toronto Island, time to sail..time to pray..

Yummy..Funnel Cake with ice cream, goodies for the hot day..

Chicken Satay for dinner..visiting with Ed from Mahinos? I think I spell wrong the boat name..hahah sorry Ed..

One of the best day in sailing..

Planting Tree for Beth's b'day (John's sister in-law)...happy belated birthday..need a year to find the right tree..

One of the trees needed to be trimmed....watching the tree-man cut the tree at the front side of our house..